What is Situation Text ?

Situation test is the second round of test conducted by NIFT. This test plays a very important role in the final selection as it contains 20% weightage in overall selection procedure. Each model must be accompanied by a caption and a write up of 50-100 words. Deep involvement, strong preparation & keen interest in the developing new things with various objects, and a fair amount of time & dedication in the classes, early preparation to know the tricks and understanding the process is required for success in this test. Students are thus advised to start early & begin the self practice as well to understand thoroughly the difficulties associated with this test.

You will be on the advantageous side if you devote some time in visualising and then drawing a rough sketch of your idea, along with a proper planning of what needs to be done first and what needs to be done at last. You must carry some stationeries like- paper cutter, sharpened pencils, pair of scissors, compass, fevicol, quick-fix, blue/black ball point pen, sand paper etc.

DREAMZ Situation Test preparatory module
(Creating toppers since yr. 2000)

  • Providing best kind of guidance for Situation test since yr 2000
  • All classes by senior NIFT/ NID alumni faculty with vast experience
  • Start from basics like cutting, shape making, pasting, attaching etc.
  • Special sessions on idea generation and how to think out of the box.
  • Assistance in creative writing to justify what you make in the best manner.
  • Lots of Mock test sessions in actual test like condition
  • proper marking, analysis, feedback, presentations

Situation Test comprises of 3-D model making using all the materials provided to you. The materials may include thermocol, different kind of papers, wire, string, ice-cream sticks, toothpicks, matchsticks etc. Students have to create 3-D models within the time frame. Each model must be accompanied by a caption and a write up of around 60 to 100 words.

Evaluation Based on:

  • Aesthetic Sense
  • Hands on Activity
  • Smart & creative manipulation of given variety of materials
  • Holistic Approach
  • Analytical Approach
  • Conveying message
  • Creative aptitude
  • Effective utilization of material
  • Conceptualization and Idea
  • An appropriate theme or concept according to the given topic
  • Planning and execution through appropriate layout
  • Precise Write up explaining what, why and how?

Situation Test sample/ actual questions

NIFT Situation Test 2017: Few questions

  • Make a model to show village culture of a dhaba
  • Make a doctor’s bag having a young child
  • Make a model on environment control

Note: Write about your product designed
Materials Provided: Thermocol, 6 Pastel sheets, 1 thread roll, 1 meter fabric, Cardboard, Mount board, Thermocol balls etc.

NIFT Situation Test 2016: Few questions

  • Prepare a model to depict a shoe for the 22nd century
  • Create a store window of a fashion product
  • Prepare a model of a cafe at the venue of a car rally

Note: Write in 60 words about your product designed
Materials Provided: Cardboard, A4 sheets in white, red & gray, Gateway sheet A4, Transparency sheet A4, White thread & needle, Colored rubber bands, Quilling paper strips in all colours, Gray crepe paper Wire, Straw pipes.