IMS – DIA (Design & Innovation Academy)

Widely Acclaimed Design Institute in India

Campus: Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR
Courses: B. Des, B. Sc and PG Diploma

PGD Programmes of IMS - DIA

  • Post – Graduation Diploma (Fashion Design)
  • Post – Graduation Diploma (Interior Design)
  • Post – Graduation Diploma (Jewellery Business & Design)

Why DIA is a premier design institute?

  • It was established and being run with a vision of nurturing and training design professionals with the right calibre, expertise, attitude and creative thinking skills.
  • Established to foster a design education revolution in India, it has been unique from the very start. It is the first academy to have its own production house and retail showroom. With a team of dedicated faculty from national.
  • It is a world-class Design School in India that provides exceptional education & training at par with global standards. From Exchange Programs with the world’s topmost universities to collaborations with the best international brands, DIA opens up a plethora of global opportunities & exposure for you, resulting in a one of its kind global experience.
  • It enables you to DREAM big, DARE to disrupt & DESIGN innovation.
  • Renowned faculty. These include industry experts, design entrepreneurs & international guest faculty from the world’s topmost universities.
  • It is the go-to school for innovators who believe that their creations can make a difference in the world. Here, you’ll get practical hands-on training, be it from traditional artisans in class or through experimentation in our Eco-labs where you’ll create sustainable products that you can showcase on global platforms. DIA equips you to bring your vision to reality & prepares you for a rewarding career.
  • Located only half an hour away from the country’s thriving capital, it has an open & welcoming campus where you’ll find students from across the world. It is in line with our values for inclusivity & diversity across genders, ethnicities & nationalities. Its culturally rich campus & diverse student body brings to light new perspectives on the world, for holistic growth.
  • A global experience (through collaborations, exchange programs, and international faculty). Experiential learning through our innovative setup (70% practical training)
  • Excellent placement assistance. DIA aims to impart competencies that aid opportunity mapping, strategies to transform design, and innovative practices to develop entrepreneurial ventures, new businesses, and start-ups for the creative industry.

PGD Programmes of IMS - DIA

Post – Graduation Diploma (Fashion Design)

Post–Graduation Diploma (Fashion Design) by DIA is one of the best fashion designing courses in India. A unique program that will equip you with the skill set required to make your mark in the fashion & design industry, be it through enhancing your employability or helping you


  • You’ll be industry ready with this fashion degree. With your strong research & conceptualization skills, you’ll be able to innovate & develop future-led concepts for a sustainable world of fashion design.
  • You’ll be able to engage & transform ethical fashion, being aligned with your understanding of trends & forecasts in the market.
  • You’ll know every detail of the fashion design process & how it operates within the industry.
  • You’ll be fully equipped to utilize technology & present your ideas in powerful visual language to your clients & seniors.
  • You’ll know how to seamlessly collaborate with varied domains & peers, ace time management & will be able to lead a team confidently.

Post – Graduation Diploma (Interior Design)

Visualize endless possibilities & bring them to life with IMS – DIA course in Interior Design. This distinctive program is designed to equip you with the technical and creative know-how to make sustainable creations.

Aimed to create world-class interior designers who can combine innovation with sustainability for environment-conscious designs, this course fosters experiential learning. It allows industry exposure through various visits, masterclasses & exchange programs with reputed Design Institutes. You’ll also be guided to keep abreast of the latest developments in technologies, materials & construction techniques.


  • You’ll find yourself a different person than when you first started your journey at one of the best Interior Design institutes in Delhi.
    Some of the transformative developments are as follows:-
  • You’ll be able to create sensible interior spaces that align with your client’s requirements and the environment.
  • You’ll be prepared to follow sustainable practices in Interior Designing & bring innovative solutions using technological advancements.
  • You’ll be able to lead ideation, production, and effective creation of interior spaces to suit your client’s needs.
  • You’ll be equipped to identify and recommend effective solutions for production finishings with appropriate materials.
  • You’ll be able to singlehandedly collaborate within & outside the domain, with effective management of your time. Be it teamwork, leadership, or peer assessment, this Interior Design degree will also make you confident in fulfilling multiple roles.

Post – Graduation Diploma (Jewellery Business & Design)

With IMS – DIA Jewellery Business & Design course, transform your passion into expertise with this unique program. As a core jewellery design course, this will enable you to prove your mettle in the industry, be it through the role of a merchandiser, buyer, retail manager, or visual merchandiser.

For students who have already undertaken a shorter jewellery design course, this will be the ideal option for an extended study to gain in-depth knowledge of the creative as well as the business & commercial aspects of the industry.


  • You’ll have an expanded knowledge base & understanding of key stylistic, technical, and functional developments in the history of design with particular reference to accessories and jewelry from the eighteenth century to the present.
  • You’ll possess a thorough understanding of the segments & categories in the jewelry/accessory designing industry. You’ll also have developed an awareness of contemporary products through research & visits to retail outlets, galleries, and exhibitions.
  • You’ll know the skill of metal smithing & detailed knowledge of its tools & techniques required for wider application. With your acumen for exploration & experimentation, you’ll be able to use specific techniques to innovate & develop creative design solutions.
  • You’ll possess the ability to identify & assort diamonds & gemstones for quality assessment with your Jewelry & Accessory Design Degree. You’ll also be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of basic gemology within the context of commercial market & diamond grading principles.
  • You’ll be equipped to identify & apply non-precious materials to create stunning jewelry & accessory collections.
  • You will be able to ideate, design & present a collection of jewelry & accessory products. With a knack for turning your concepts into two & three dimensions, you’ll be able to unleash your imagination to provide innovative solutions.
  • You’ll also ace the communication skills required to convey ideas, information, problems, and solutions clearly in visual, written & oral forms.
  • You’ll possess an in-depth knowledge of mass production activities, quantity production techniques, technological innovations & commercial developments in the field. You’ll also have a thorough understanding of hallmarking aligned with industry standards which will be augmented by a visit to the assay office. You’ll be equipped to demonstrate innovative approaches in the utilization of technologies, materials & techniques in the manufacturing of jewelry & accessories.
  • You’ll be equipped to demonstrate innovative approaches in the utilization of technologies, materials & techniques in the manufacturing of jewelry & accessories.