IMS – DIA (Design & Innovation Academy)

Widely Acclaimed Design Institute in India

Campus: Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR
Courses: B. Des, B. Sc and PG Diploma

B. Des Programmes of IMS - DIA

  • B.Des (Fashion Design)
  • B.Des (Luxury Product Design)
  • B.Des (Interior Design)
  • B.Des (Jewellery & Accessory Design)
  • B. Des (Communication Design)

PGD Programmes of IMS - DIA

  • Post – Graduation Diploma (Fashion Design)
  • Post – Graduation Diploma (Interior Design)
  • Post – Graduation Diploma (Jewellery Business & Design)

Why DIA is a premier design institute?

  • It was established and being run with a vision of nurturing and training design professionals with the right calibre, expertise, attitude and creative thinking skills.
  • Established to foster a design education revolution in India, it has been unique from the very start. It is the first academy to have its own production house and retail showroom. With a team of dedicated faculty from national.
  • It is a world-class Design School in India that provides exceptional education & training at par with global standards. From Exchange Programs with the world’s topmost universities to collaborations with the best international brands, DIA opens up a plethora of global opportunities & exposure for you, resulting in a one of its kind global experience.
  • It enables you to DREAM big, DARE to disrupt & DESIGN innovation.
  • Renowned faculty. These include industry experts, design entrepreneurs & international guest faculty from the world’s topmost universities.
  • It is the go-to school for innovators who believe that their creations can make a difference in the world. Here, you’ll get practical hands-on training, be it from traditional artisans in class or through experimentation in our Eco-labs where you’ll create sustainable products that you can showcase on global platforms. DIA equips you to bring your vision to reality & prepares you for a rewarding career.
  • Located only half an hour away from the country’s thriving capital, it has an open & welcoming campus where you’ll find students from across the world. It is in line with our values for inclusivity & diversity across genders, ethnicities & nationalities. Its culturally rich campus & diverse student body brings to light new perspectives on the world, for holistic growth.
  • A global experience (through collaborations, exchange programs, and international faculty). Experiential learning through our innovative setup (70% practical training)
  • Excellent placement assistance. DIA aims to impart competencies that aid opportunity mapping, strategies to transform design, and innovative practices to develop entrepreneurial ventures, new businesses, and start-ups for the creative industry.

B.Des (Fashion Design)

IMS – DIA Fashion Design is a unique program that will equip you with the skill set required to make your mark in the fashion & design industry, be it through enhancing your employability or helping you kickstart your own entrepreneurial journey. Practice future fashion & solve bigger problems in the global fashion & textile industry with this course’s unique offerings.

The course will expose you to experiential learning via masterclasses, visits & exchange programs with some of the topmost universities & brands in the world.

B.Des (Luxury Product Design)

Particularly designed to make you industry-ready, IMS- DIA B. Des in Luxury Product Design is a unique program that encourages experiential learning. Be it lucrative employment or entrepreneurship, this program will enable you to ace your goals & distinguish yourself in the industry.

Preparing you to practice future design & bring innovative solutions, this course provides vast exposure through masterclasses, field visits & exchange programs with prestigious Design Institutes.

B.Des (Interior Design)

Visualize endless possibilities & bring them to life with IMS – DIA B.Des in Interior Design. This distinctive program is designed to equip you with the technical and creative know-how to make sustainable creations.

Aimed to create world-class interior designers who can combine innovation with sustainability for environment-conscious designs, this course fosters experiential learning.

B.Des / B.Sc.(Jewellery & Accessory Design)

IMS – DIA Jewellery & Accessory Design course transforms your passion into expertise with this unique program. As a core jewellery design course, this will enable you to prove your mettle in the industry, be it through the role of a merchandiser, buyer, retail manager, or visual merchandiser.

For students who have already undertaken a shorter jewellery design course, this will be the ideal option for an extended study to gain in-depth knowledge of the creative as well as the business & commercial aspects of the industry.

B. Des (Communication Design)

In the era of social media, you can make brands stand apart with your expertise in visual communication. IMS – DIA Communication Design course is designed to equip you with the requisite skill set to meet the growing demands of the visual design industry.

The course offers an exhaustive curriculum, enabling you to carve your path in the fields of branding, advertising & filmmaking. The program will train you to communicate creatively through visuals using various art forms such as animation, graphics, video & film making amongst many others.